This is a story that moves between Paris and Le Muy …

It is the story of a secret getaway on a hill in the south of France, of the everlasting flames of a powerful and inspiring love, and of a wind of liberty blowing across a land that is alive with creativity and culture.

It is the promise of a chic, refined way of life that keeps step with the breathtakingly beautiful and generous natural environment under an immaculate sky, nestled in an ochre landscape, beside a crystal-clear sea.

It is a table shaded by wisteria, the sound of laughter, a playful glance full of sweet promise, and a deep violet dusk filled with the musical clink of pale-pink, frosted glasses raised in celebration of life and love!

It is the simple joys of a summer’s night, of sunshine and salt on golden skin, of languorous days, of the soothing song of cicadas and the exhilarating and heady perfume of rosemary, lavender, and lemon trees in flower.

It is the crazy, carefree feel of the wind in your hair as you take the winding roads along the Côte d’Azur to St Tropez, an intoxicating romantic trip for two up the Amalfi coast from Positano to Naples, or an audacious midnight swim in a hidden cove.


Kaftans, beach tunics, long dresses and oversize shirts.

Inspired by architecture, the perfect, structured cuts, blend curves with verticality.

Diaphanous, ethereal fabrics, playfully hint at transparency, creating a hazy effect that acts like a reflection of sunlight. 

The selection of colours takes inspiration from the natural setting of the Mediterranean.

The colour palette is principally monochrome, offering an array of earthy hues mirroring clays, rocks, minerals and shades of lava, the muted tones of natural fibres, and pearly or chalky whites set off with a deep blue.

Our meticulous selection of high-quality natural-fibre fabrics, such as cotton voile, poplin, and linen, guarantees a timeless, contemporary look.

Sophisticated or nonchalant, teamed with heels or bare feet, each piece shares in a quest for liberty, stripped of all preconceptions.

The distinctive collection fits harmoniously with each moment in life, complementing every experience, from a trip away to a gallery opening or midnight swim, helping to create the fondest of memories!

An exceptional piece, to keep forever and pass on – Oggivarra is resolutely feminine, sophisticated and nonchalant, but also chic, cool and daring, with a hint of cheekiness …



Laurence started her career as a model at a young age. From shoots for advertising campaigns, she ultimately worked with skilled fashion professionals in Paris, Milan, New York.

These experiences left her with a true love of fashion. Her distinctive, unconventional character, and her curiosity and creativity quickly helped her to hone a keen eye for femininity and the constant emergence of new inspirations.

In 2004, she founded her first label, which, was soon distributed over 300 sales point world-wide.

In the summer of 2006, Laurence took a temporary break from fashion when, in Ibiza, she met her life partner and mentor: Enrico Navarra, the Parisian gallery owner and collector. It was him who opened up the fascinating world of contemporary Art to her. Their relationship, awakened in her the revelatory yet clear discovery of virtually spiritual inspiration. She developed her creativity and refined her conception of femininity and the art de vivre (art of living) alongside her guide and mentor in both their Parisian apartment and their tranquil home and refuge in Muy, perched on a hillside in the Var.

While attending exhibition openings, collaborating on fashion collections and holding simple gatherings and unforgettable dinners at home, they brought together a range of highly diverse characters: philanthropists, creators, artists, collectors, designers, architects and so on. The Villa Navarra is constantly filled with a succession of these guests who have become part of the family, and who mingle there amid magistral works of art and luxuriant nature.

In summer 2019, having found profound fulfilment during these years of the Dolce Vita, Laurence and Enrico devised their first OGGIVARRA collection in the creative studio in Muy.

Guided by Enrico’s creative zest and his inspiring energy, Laurence designed clothes that embodied their Art de vivre, highlighted by the Mediterranean they love so much.

The label’s name and logo combine their last names, but also act as a reminder of two very distinct characters in absolute symbiosis, uniting :
the infinite curves, elegance and refinement of the feminine,
with the radical abrupt and powerful lines of the masculine.

Ceintre en bois, fabrication française


Blending tradition with modernity, OGGIVARRA adheres to making everything in France at carefully selected workshops in Marseille. The blue-white-red design on our garments’ labels guarantees that our products were made in France, a commitment that lies at the heart of our brand values.  


Respecting the environment is a point of honour for OGGIVARRA, and we are dedicated to fighting the pollution generated by industrial production lines and guaranteeing good working conditions. Our collection is a range of nature- and environment-friendly designs, committed to the use of natural fabrics and dyes, and organic cottons and linen. All of our items are produced in artisanal workshops in France, down to the coat hangers, which are made from natural beech wood near Aix-en-Provence. As a result, we are able to reduce distances and supply chain processes, thereby limiting our CO2 emissions and environmental impact.